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Olympic Attire: Who Dares, Wins

The fact that the 2024 Olympic Games are taking place in Paris, the fashion capital, leaves its mark on the spring and summer collections. Bronze, silver, and gold are making a comeback, but you can also earn a place on the podium in other metallic colors. You can also strut your stuff like a winner’s bouquet in one of the many colorful floral designs or ace your outfit with flying colors in the hues of the five Olympic rings. A range of shades of these base colors also brings a refreshing touch to your wardrobe. Finally, layering helps us overcome the April whims. For these trends, head to the stores in excitement!

Medal Colors Want to stand out fashion-wise this spring? Take the leap into shiny fabrics, as designers are celebrating the metallic trend. Gold is still in the running for sure, but silver takes an exceptional lead, and bronze is also worth its weight in gold in your wardrobe. In addition to the three medal colors, shiny green, sparkling blue, and glittering fuchsia are gaining popularity in the new collections. Are we getting ahead of ourselves? Timeless and wearable remains the common thread among most brands, so subtly shiny fabrics are also hot off the press this season. Sequins, too, because victory deserves to be celebrated. Start with a metallic accessory, like a handbag or a pair of shoes, and then build up step by step. A good start is halfway to victory!

Winner’s Bouquets In a floral print, you’ll score big this season. Watercolor-like floral designs are leading the pack, and the rose motif is also a hit this year. The catwalks were notably red, although you won’t be feeling blue in any color, really. Olympic green, yellow, and blue also put your best foot forward. The iconic rings symbolize the five continents, and in fashion, a world of shades opens up to you, from apricot and pistachio green to canary yellow and royal blue. Even the classic white-blue striped shirt surrenders and comes in cheerful colors, paired with matching wide pants or a skirt. And so fashion remains captivating – and blooming – and your outfit is as head-turning as the spectators at a tennis match. Whether bold or pastel, you’re a match for anything this season!

Weather as an Opponent Dressing in April is a trial and error, but thankfully, we’re well-versed in layering. This allows you to put an end to those cold mornings with chunky knitwear, woolen sweaters, or trendy tank tops with a coarse knit or a fun design. Layering with a T-shirt under your sleeveless dress keeps you warm and sporty, but another newcomer in layering is the transparent trend. And I don’t mean a comeback of those annoying, sticky sweat fabrics from the past, but rather chic, sturdy, and voluminous sheer fabrics. We reveal little skin, as underneath, we wear a colorful or patterned slip, turtleneck, or T-shirt. This adds an extra dimension (and layer) to your outfit. The polo shirt is also back in form. Massaged into today’s fabrics, colors, and fittings, the top is causing a stir (and raising some dust and gravel). Persistence – literally – pays off!