Men’s fashion


Managing your clothes The ‘status quo’ for the new men’s fashion? Well, this quarter, dress like a freelancer. You’re no longer tied to the classic shirt as supreme, enjoy more freedom in broader silhouettes, and can experiment with different fabrics and especially their textures. We’re also approaching the suit according to these unique selling points. And as an extra bonus, you can go straight from pitch to pint with these trends. How to make it work now? Here’s a SWOT analysis of spring suiting. Fabric research Do you want to stir up some fabric in terms of fashion at work? Duel against your competitors in a full denim look like in the Wild West or imagine yourself on vacation in the Italian Riviera in airy linen. Brands are merging quality materials or even going 100% on one recycled fabric. It’s also a good time to invest in thin knitted or finely crocheted garments because they bring a lot of style and comfort. You can also stock up on seersucker clothing in your wardrobe. This is a thin cotton fabric with a bumpy appearance that adds an extra dimension to your outfit. So, we downsize in terms of prints but enlarge with textures. These delicate fabrics require some risk management to avoid any snagging, but in terms of style, you’re guaranteed to be at the top of the ladder.

New earning model

Your deadlines are tight enough, so feel free to loosen up your work outfits. Relaxed silhouettes are now your core business in your wardrobe, in both tops and bottoms. You also have enough food for thought at work, so deal with it quickly and go for a short suit on busy (and pressuring) days. With this no-brainer, a blazer and a matching pair of shorts, you have spring suiting completely under control. And take that literally, because heads up: the banned Bermuda shorts, that one short just above the knee, are back after a long absence. High-end designers are bringing back this iconic piece after its numerous sabbatical years on golf islands. There’s still room for debate about this trend, but dealbreaker or not, in relaxed fittings, you can go straight from the desk to the bar. If that’s not a win-win.

Takeover of the shirt

No one can replace you at work, but some of your classic shirts can be let go from your dressing. It’s high time to recruit other tops into your wardrobe. A first candidate is a former colleague, specifically the polo. The familiar T-shirt with a collar and buttons is making its comeback, and how. Less tight than before, it dresses less sporty and therefore much more stylish. The plain T-shirt gets a promotion in sustainable fabrics, with a chest pocket as a badge, and even the tank top has worked its way up to director on cooler days. Finally, the tank top is back on flexi-jobbing, the ‘Marcelleke’ that has long been retired. And I’m not talking about Onslow’s from the series ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, but one made from decent slow fashion material.

Text: Isabeau Verbist