In ‘Incendies’, twins Jeanne and Simon are confronted with their mother’s staggering legacy. They discover that they have a brother and a father whom they thought was dead. To fulfill her final wish, they embark on a heartbreaking journey to the Middle East, where they are confronted with the horrors of war and the deep mystery of their family history.

Denis Villeneuve is praised for his masterful direction and ability to combine emotional depth with visual splendor. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and won numerous awards at festivals including Toronto and Rotterdam. ‘Incendies’ is a gripping drama that takes the viewer on an unforgettable journey of discovery and redemption.

You can rediscover the film on the big screen during Meet the Masters on Monday, April 20, at De Grote Post. Prior to that, director and producer Gilles Coulier will have a conversation with film historian Anke Brouwers about Villeneuve’s work and its impact on filmmaking today.

Liam, a neglected teenage boy, grows up in an environment of substance abuse and violence. After spending several years in a dark and humid cellar, the Social Services place him in a closed institution. Life in the institution is tough, but Liam finds solace in his fellow residents and the horses. Despite the good guidance, Liam fails to escape his past.

‘Skunk’ is the fourth film by ‘Ex-Drummer’ director Koen Mortier and is an adaptation of Geert Taghon’s book of the same name. Taghon drew inspiration from his years of experience in forensic youth psychiatry to create the book, aiming to foster understanding for both caregivers and children growing up in difficult circumstances. The lead role is played by Thibaud Dooms, who was selected as a European Shooting Star at the Berlinale. Dirk Roofthooft, Boris Van Severen, Natali Broods, Colin Van Eeckhout, and Sarah Vandeursen complete the cast.

Engeland, 1920. Littlehampton wordt geteisterd door schandelijke brieven, die de bewoners van het dorp in geuren en kleuren uitschelden. De strenggelovige en conservatieve Edith beschuldigt meteen haar losbandige buurvrouw Rose, waardoor Rose de voogdij over haar dochter dreigt te verliezen. Enkele bevriende buurtbewoners besluiten met behulp van politieagent Gladys zelf op onderzoek te gaan en haar onschuld te bewijzen.

‘Wicked Little Letters’ is een komedie van Thea Sharrock gebaseerd op een waargebeurd verhaal. Met Olivia Colman en Jessie Buckley in de hoofdrollen is de film een hilarische ervaring die een licht schijnt op de klassenjustitie en genderrollen in het Engeland van de twintigste eeuw.

When bored Lillian becomes isolated from her classmates during a school trip to Washington D.C., she feels no urge to reconnect with the group. She decides to embark on a journey along the East Coast where she encounters one eccentric character after another. Welcome to the USA!

‘The Sweet East’ is the feature film debut of Sean Prince Williams and premiered at the latest edition of Cannes. An absurdist road movie filled with cinephile references featuring Talia Ryder, Earl Cave, Ayo Edebiri, and Jacob Elordi. The film received a special mention within the Explore Jury at Film Fest Gent.

Italy, 1946. Delia leads a suppressed life as a housewife under the tyranny of her aggressive husband Ivano and his sick father. When her daughter Marcella announces that she is going to marry a boy from the middle class, Delia sees it as Marcella’s chance to escape the same fate. Until Delia receives a mysterious letter that makes her realize it is never too late to strive for a better life – for herself as well.

‘C’è ancora domani’ is an uplifting drama about the difficult life of a housewife in patriarchal Italy shortly after World War II. The film marks the directorial debut of actress and author Paola Cortellesi, who also plays the lead role, and won three awards at the Rome Film Festival.

The Tuscan town of Riparbella is a magical place in 1980, but the dusty British archaeologist Arthur is not there for the sun, the sea, or the wine. He has an exceptional talent for locating and stealing Etruscan artifacts from underground tombs. After a brief stint in an Italian prison, he roams again, searching for the past. He catches the attention of the Tombaroli, a vibrant gang of tomb raiders for whom Arthur is a valuable addition. But does the young man in his cream-colored suit also find something worth living for above ground?

‘La chimera’ is an eccentric and melancholic fairy tale with a nod to the antiquities of Italian cinema. Alice Rohrwacher competed with the film for the Golden Palm at Cannes and already won the LOOK! competition in 2018 with ‘Happy as Lazzaro’.

‘Thank God for the Gift’ tells the story of one of the most remarkable figures in recent Belgian art history: Jan Hoet. The film not only provides insight into his remarkable career as a leading curator but also into his flamboyant personality. A driven man with an insatiable passion for art, radical in his honesty, and determined in his pursuit of total intellectual and emotional freedom. He took art out of the museum and brought it to the people. We follow the journey of an uncertain young man who grows into a controversial pioneer in the art world, with great successes and much praise, but also a deluge of criticism.

The documentary was written and directed by Luc Vrydaghs. It is no coincidence that the film is released in 2024, exactly ten years after Hoet’s passing. An event that will be commemorated not only in Belgium but also beyond its borders.

Wild deer, fresh snow, idyllic streams, and a crystal-clear lake: Takumi and his daughter Hana live in a winter wonderland, in a village just outside Tokyo. But even this earthly paradise cannot escape capitalism: gunshots announce that hunters have found their way to Takumi’s home, and not long after, two slick representatives from Tokyo arrive with the announcement that they will create a glamping site for tourists.

After winning an Oscar for ‘Drive My Car’ in 2022, director Ryûsuke Hamaguchi received the Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival this year for ‘Evil Does Not Exist.’ Slow-paced and full of wonder, you journey through the pristine nature in this enigmatic eco-fable.

The 12-year-old Zaffan, who lives in a rural Malaysian community, enjoys a carefree childhood with her two best friends. When she starts puberty and gets her first period, she feels herself drifting further away from her friends, culture, and self. She no longer recognizes her own body, which is changing in a gruesome way. The more she fights against it and tries to hide these changes, the quicker she realizes the importance of fully accepting herself to be truly free.

Amanda Nell Eu’s debut is an energetic and rebellious coming-of-age story that explores what it means to be young and how cruel growing up can be. ‘Tiger Stripes’ was the first Malaysian film ever to win the Grand Prix at the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes. During FFO24, the COOP! jury chose the film as the winner, describing it as ‘the most quirky film they saw’: “Despite the film’s heavy subject, the message comes across powerfully through much-needed humor and absurdity.”

‘Tiger Stripes’ will be playing from April 24 in Belgian theaters and at Cinema Storck.