Kitchen as a warm beating heart

The kitchen is often the warm beating heart of the home. Cooking is an animated domestic activity there. But it is also the ideal place to catch up over drinks and snacks.

Nowadays, people are not only cooking culinary delights indoors but also enthusiastically cooking in outdoor kitchens for their companions. It’s notable that, both indoors and outdoors, people are opting for the latest kitchen gadgets.

Peace at the coast

This home on the Belgian coast is new but seems to have thrived here for years. During the realization of this total project, the designers in charge were able to indulge in every detail. The staircase in the kitchen seems to lead to cloud nine… The whole setting is prestigious; you experience a unique vibe. And so, by the sea, you’re immediately in the right flow. “We live as much indoors as outdoors; it’s always delightful to taste the seasons here,” says designer Ludo Dierckx.


The kitchen in the house is executed in Mortex. Mortex and Tadelakt are artisanal techniques that blend painting and plastering. The effect is lived-in and authentic. You could place it under the ‘wabi-sabi’ umbrella, meaning the perfection of imperfection. However, the applications are numerous; you can achieve both a classic and modern result. These embellished interiors are in vogue.

Exquisite finishing touch

What a dreamy outdoor living room! With an outdoor kitchen and dining area taking a leading role. It starts with a stylish design, fine-tuned in consultation with the client. Then, the plan requires meticulous execution on-site. Whether classic or sleek, every detail is perfected from A to Z. The team of craftsmen clearly has all the artisanal skills to achieve an exquisite finishing touch indoors and outdoors.


With a vacuum drawer, two ovens, a hood that lifts from the countertop, a warming drawer, a built-in espresso machine, a spacious induction hob, two wine climate cabinets, and three dishwashers… this apartment boasts the epitome of high-tech kitchen comfort. High-end luxury, high in the clouds above the city of Kortrijk. A kitchen worthy of a restaurant, but at home, is a trend that many homeowners are enthusiastic about.

Streamlined concept

The multitude of kitchen appliances speaks of quality and good taste. Interior architecture and total furnishing, designed by Pedro Verhue, are clean-lined yet playful. The induction hob and hood are both seamlessly integrated. There’s no shortage of cooking comfort in this dream location with views in every direction. There’s even a second kitchen doubling as a bar, adorned with art and travel souvenirs.

Carefree garden

Previously, the family lived in a villa, but this flat doesn’t lack in space or prestige. “Our former garden required a lot of maintenance. Now, we have 60 square meters of terraces, surrounded by greenery,” say the residents with a smile.

Straight to the point

The sun rises early and paints the sky above Stekene a radiant blue. In this renovated home, warmth greets you as soon as you step in. The interior designers show their expertise in pursuit of perfection. “This cozy country-style kitchen has character but is also very convenient. There’s plenty of storage space, and a lot of equipment is cleverly hidden in the kitchen island,” say the homeowners.

Remarkable renovation

An old building with stables has been transformed into a stunning residence. The fireplace at table height adds coziness to the dining area. With crystal chandeliers, romance fills the air. From custom cabinets to parquet flooring, solid oak wood has been processed, aged, and grayed with craftsmanship and passion for the trade. Stylish and easy to maintain go hand in hand, precisely in line with the latest kitchen trends.

A standout feature is undoubtedly a traditional stove of the newest generation.

Text by Patrick Retour